Vision Goker Flower - Bulk Buy Golf Balls

Vision Goker Flower - Bulk Buy Golf Balls

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It's not just a fancy pretty golf ball!

All these Vision Goker golf balls have been created for the maximum velocity, including aerodynamic and core technologies that deliver long straight shots plus they are very responsive to approach shots into the green.

This Vision Goker ball is a mutli layered golf ball areodynamically designed for high speed, high launch and mid long game spin for distance. and feel. 

The advanced dual density soft-x core is designed to assist with ball speed, but because of it's multilayered design it creates mid spin in your longer clubs for distance whilst give you the soft responsive feel into the green.

You can experience this ball with the easy to see bright white colour and easy identifiable daisy patterns. You'll never get confused which is your ball.


  • Soft Solid Feel
  • Long and straight
  • Better Green side control
  • Advanced Dual Density Soft-X Core 
  • Bright white easy to see it fly 
  • Ezy-2-See markings
  • Conforms with the USGA and R&A rules


What does this all mean for you?

It means this...

  • It's solid
  • It's good for distance 
  • It can create spin