Taylormade QI10 Irons - Graphite Shaft

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The NEW TaylorMade Qi Iron Sets equipped with Graphite Shafts, featuring TaylorMade's patented face technology crafted to manage face flexibility, ensuring straighter shots throughout the entire set by eliminating "cut" spin.

Features & Advantages

  • INDIVIDUAL HEAD OPTIMIZATION: Each iron head is meticulously designed to deliver specific performance tailored to its role in the set. Built upon a foundation of maximum distance and forgiveness, the face design is customized to achieve the ideal launch and spin characteristics necessary for straight, consistent shots with every iron.
  • FLTD CG (Floating Center of Gravity): The FLTD CG system strategically situates the center of gravity (CG) lowest in the long irons and progressively shifts it higher throughout the set. This design optimization enhances launch and playability in the long irons, while ensuring precision and control in the scoring clubs, resulting in consistent performance across the bag.
  • CONSISTENT PERFORMANCE: The Qi Iron shaping is engineered to facilitate consistent contact and enlarge the sweet spot. With increased blade length for enhanced forgiveness and redefined leading edge geometry, players can expect a more consistent strike, resulting in higher launch and improved performance.
Club Loft Lie L SW H
4 18.5° 61.5° 39.12" D1 R/L
5 21.0° 62.0° 38.50" D1 R/L
6 24.0° 62.5° 37.88" D1 R/L
7 28.0° 63.0° 37.25" D1 R/L
8 32.0° 63.5° 36.75" D1 R/L
9 37.0° 64.0° 36.25" D1 R/L
PW 43.0° 64.5° 35.75" D1 R/L
AW 49.0° 64.5° 35.50" D1 R/L
SW 54.0° 64.5° 35.25" D2 R/L