Srixon Distance Golf Balls - 5 Dozen

Srixon Distance Golf Balls - 5 Dozen

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The 2021 Srixon Distance Golf Balls (White) live up to their name, prioritizing distance above all else. Designed to excel whether off the tee or from the fairway, with woods or irons, these balls ensure every shot travels farther, putting you in prime position to score.

  • FastLayer Core: Engineered with a unique FastLayer core, these balls feature a soft center that gradually firms up around the edges. This innovative design provides an optimal combination of speed and feel, allowing you to achieve impressive distance without sacrificing on feedback or control.

  • 324 Dimple Pattern: The aerodynamically tuned 324 dimple pattern is precision-engineered to slice through the wind, maintaining a straight trajectory and maximizing distance on every shot. Whether facing headwinds or crosswinds, these golf balls offer reliable performance to keep your ball on line and reaching its target.

  • Durable Ionomer Cover: Featuring a thin yet durable ionomer cover, these golf balls deliver ample greenside spin while maintaining exceptional durability shot after shot. This cover technology ensures that you can rely on consistent performance round after round, without worrying about premature wear or scuffing.