Mizuno RB Tour Golf Balls

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  • A Sensationally Soft Feel: Embodying the hallmark quality expected from Mizuno. Engineered for lower spin and optimal performance off the tee, these balls feature an innovative AXIALFLOW dimple pattern, promoting a high launch with the driver and a consistent flight trajectory with short irons
  • Defined Aesthetic: With just 272 dimples, the RB Tour Golf Balls offer a sleek and precise appearance, enhancing visual appeal on the course. A larger, more defined dimple contributes to a more precise outline, preferred by the majority of testers for its visual effect and clarity.
  • Durability Assurance: While a soft feel is a given with Mizuno, the RB Tour cover underwent rigorous testing over three years to ensure its durability matches its luxurious sensation. Mizuno's commitment to durability ensures lasting satisfaction, even under the most demanding conditions.
  • Exhaustive Testing: Representing Mizuno's most exhaustively tested balls ever, the RB Tour Golf Balls undergo rigorous scrutiny to meet the brand's exacting standards. From core technology to cover durability, every aspect is meticulously evaluated to ensure peak performance and reliability on the course.