Golf Pride Tour Velvet Plus 4 Standard Grip

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Experience heightened power with the Tour Velvet Plus4, the grip of choice for countless professional golfers!

Boasting a larger lower hand for enhanced power and incorporating the renowned surface texture and all-weather reliability of the Tour Velvet, the Tour Velvet Plus4 sets a new benchmark in grip performance and feel.


Key Features:

ENHANCED LOWER HAND: Emulating the sensation of adding four extra wraps, the expanded outer diameter encourages a lighter grip, reducing hand tension and promoting a smoother, more powerful swing.

MODERATE TEXTURE: Crafted with a scientifically designed plus sign texture, this grip efficiently wicks away moisture, ensuring consistent traction in diverse playing conditions.

COMFORTABLE FEEDBACK: Setting the standard in grip comfort, the Tour Velvet Plus4 provides a perfect balance of cushioning and feedback, delivering a satisfying feel with every shot.