Golf Pride MCC Plus4 Standard Grip

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Experience the professional advantage with our tour-proven hybrid grip, meticulously designed to amplify your game. Crafted with a larger lower hand and a revolutionary softer rubber compound, the MCC Plus4 emulates the sensation of adding four extra wraps of tape to your grip.


Key Features:

AMPLIFIED LOWER HAND: The expanded outer diameter mimics the sensation of adding four additional wraps, fostering a lighter grip and reducing tension. This design promotes a smoother swing, translating to increased power and control.

ALL-CONDITION PERFORMANCE: Our innovative Brushed Cotton Cord technology integrates moisture-wicking cotton fibers into a resilient rubber compound, delivering unparalleled stability in any weather condition.

OPTIMAL TEXTURE: Strategically engineered for superior grip, our grip boasts a soft micro-texture for enhanced comfort and traction. Precisely positioned textures ensure maximum coverage, empowering you with confidence in every swing