Golf Pride CP2 Wrap Grip

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Feel the difference with the CP2 Wrap, the grip that redefines comfort and control on the course!

With a design focused on delivering the softest performance grip ever, CP2 Wrap combines cutting-edge technology with a plush, tacky feel for an unparalleled golfing experience. Featuring Golf Pride’s exclusive Control Core technology, this grip reduces torque for enhanced control during your swing. Its larger lower hand design mimics the feel of adding four extra layers of tape, encouraging a lighter grip pressure for increased comfort and power.


Key Features:

CONTROL CORE STABILIZER: Experience reduced torque with the 2.5” inner Control Core stabilizer, providing you with greater control over your club throughout your swing.

LARGER LOWER HAND: Enjoy reduced taper design that emulates the sensation of four extra wraps in the lower hand, promoting lighter grip pressure for enhanced comfort and power.

SOFT FEEL: Indulge in the ultimate soft swing grip, featuring a high-tack surface and soft rubber construction for maximum comfort and control.