Callaway Chrome Tour X 2024 Golf Balls

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The NEW Callaway Chrome Tour X Golf Balls, setting a new benchmark for elite players who demand both speed and ultimate control from their Tour Ball. Every aspect has been meticulously optimized, from the core to the cover formulation, to deliver unparalleled performance on every shot.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Exceptionally Fast Ball Speeds: Powered by a new Hyper Fast Soft Core engineered to provide maximum ball speed and distance, especially off the driver, ideal for elite players seeking optimal performance.
  • Maximum Workability Through The Bag: Enhanced by the new Seamless Tour Aero design, this uniquely crafted aerodynamic package ensures a consistently penetrating flight with enhanced workability for every club in your bag.
  • Optimized Greenside Spin and Control: Featuring a new High-Performance Tour Urethane Soft Cover, Chrome Tour X offers superior spin and workability, allowing better players to execute precise iron and wedge shots with confidence.
  • Precision Technology: Each component is rigorously measured through industry-leading manufacturing processes, incorporating over 100 million proof points, ensuring unparalleled consistency and performance in every ball.