Volvik Vivid Lite Golf Balls - Blue

Volvik Vivid Lite Golf Balls - Blue

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The New Volvik Vivid Lite is a soft feeling  golf ball that helps to produce a high trajectory and promote low spin off the driver and great wedge spin around the greens.

It is ideally suited to those players with a a slower swing speed (55-85 mph) that are looking to increase their distance.

Soft feel matte coating technology & Vivid Technicolour.

Higher Flight

Higher ball flight for slow to moderate swing speeds.

Ball Flight

Pinpoint accuracy for consistent and stable ball flight.

Matte Finish

The world’s first and best selling, matte finish golf ball in new matte colours.

New Core

A new larger core and optimized weight for more distance.

For Golfers Seeking The Superior Distance For Slower Swing Speed

  • Volvik’s Unique SF Matte Coating Produces a Vivid Color
  • Enhanced Feel Created by a Lighter, Softer Core
  • Excellent Distance for Slow to Moderate Players by Optimized weight.
  • Consistent and Stable Ball Flight with Patented Volvik Dimple Design