Tour Tee Combo Pack

Tour Tee Combo Pack

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The TOUR TEE Combo pack presents the ultimate solution for every golfer. Featuring the original tee tailored for your driver and the mini version ideal for fairways and long irons, this pack covers all your needs on the course.

Crafted with precision, these tees boast an oversized cup, a robust spine, and innovative bumps on top designed to reduce spin, resulting in increased distance and control—a game-changer for every swing.

Each pack includes 5 tees, ensuring you're equipped for multiple rounds. With small bumps on the tee's surface promoting a low-spin launch, you can expect an impressive ADD 12+ yards to your shots.

USGA and R&A conforming, and featuring a patented design, the TOUR TEE Combo pack is a must-have addition to any golfer's gear arsenal